About Daniel

Danny is a straight A Distinguished Honor Roll student with a profound love of reading.  You will always find him with a book in his hand,  and he has done several reviews for BK Walker Books Etc.  We are happy to have him on board, and you can rest assured he will be honest with his reviews from a boys point of view.  Who better to have review your children's books than a child himself?

All Genres Daniel Accepts:
Young Adult - any sub-genre
Sports Memoirs

Formats Accepted:

For Review Consideration, please send email to dannydietz2@gmail.com. Please note not all books will receive a review by me, but will be considered.

1 Baseball - Not worth reading
2 Baseballs - Has Potential
3 Baseballs - Not Bad
4 Baseballs - Great read, definitely worth it
5 Baseballs - Phenomenal Read, I'd read it again!


*All books received are from the author/publisher/BK Walker Books Etc. No money is exchanged for my honest review. All thoughts in my reviews are of my own and are no way influenced by outside parties.

This site is monitored by the parents of Daniel Dietz, so please keep review requests and comments clean.